Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Does Staging Sell?

How many times have you heard a seller or a Realtor say  "The house shows fine, that's not the issue"  Well there are two things you can control in Real Estate Sales - Price and Staging.
So if a property is priced correctly and it is not selling, guess what?  IT SHOULD BE STAGED!  A home on the market can be clean and organized and still not accomplish what a Staged Home can accomplish - GETTING AN OFFER! Staging creates the desire to buy. Buyers need to visualize themselves moving into the home with as little effort as possible. Staging removes the seller's stamp of ownership and replaces it with a strategically displayed interior that motivates the buyer to MAKE THE OFFER!

Staging Sells!
This home was Staged and Sold within three months! The Realtor,  owner was savvy enough NOT to show a vacant listing.  Worth Staging, Inc. specializes in Staging and showcasing vacant properties with our gorgeous inventory.

Remember - 
Staging usually costs LESS than your first price

Save your equity and INVEST in Staging!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What if it doesn't work!?

Hello Again!

I am back to talk about Staging but before I loose you I have one  one question?  How can we be sure Staging works?  Well let me tell you! Barb Schwarz at THE Queen of Staging .  She spends TONS of money every month in order to track  Staging statistics across the country.  Since I personally do not EVER want to sell a product that does not work, this is a really big deal to me.

Guess what!? This latest Statistic for home Staging is more  proof  that Staging does work (see image above). This statistic was updated in May 2009 and the odds so to speak are only getting better and better!!! Another statistic to take note on is that Staged Homes spend  80% LESS time on the market than homes that have not been staged. Can you say carrying costs!!!

I personally have Staged 4 homes in the last six months that have sold within 60 days!  These were not short sales!!!  Listen up people - this is an investment that everyone selling a home should make - Bar None!!
Realtors should be advising their clients of this option as soon as  the listing agreement is signed!  Remember the investment in Staging is always FAR LESS than the first price reduction.

So what if it doesn't work?  Is not and should not be a concern - Staging Works!!  Just give it the time it needs to bring in the right offer and make sure that you hire an accredited Staging Professional ASP) and you cannot loose!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stager in the House

Hello World!

I am so excited to join the wonderful world of blogging.  I hope you join me on my journey to share my enthusiasm for home Staging as well as the adventures and characters I always seem to encounter along the way.

My philosophy in life has always been to Work Hard, Play Hard and give more than you expect to receive.  If you deliver a beautiful product, you can always look forward to beautiful results.

I am and always have been crazy in love with Florida and I have witnessed and been a part of some insane Real Estate trends over the last few years.  That being said,  I think we had better hold on and get ready for a heck of a ride because the cream always rises to the top!!

Any Feedback?